PayMock : Simplifying PayPal Integration

Having trouble integrating with PayPal? Finding the "Sandbox" slow, of limited value, or frustrating to use? PayMock can help.

What is it?

PayMock is a small server that runs on your computer.

It emulates the basic functionality of PayPal and offers you a faster means of integration. This leaves you more time to focus on the other important parts of your business.


Download (Version 1.0 released May 25th, 2009)

Note: PayMock requires Java version 1.5 or greater to run. If you don't have Java already installed on your computer you can download it from the Sun website.

We welcome feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions. Refer to our contact page to get in touch.

Why the name?

In object oriented programming the concept of a "mock" object is something the simulates the behaviour of a real object. So we figured it was appropriate. See the summary on wikipedia if you're interested.